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Stay up-to-date on your benefits through MemberXG

MemberXG gives Members access to their OLDC-OCA Insurance Fund and the LDC&C Pension Fund of Ohio information. Through MemberXG, Members can update their information, submit documents, and complete forms securely. Simply create an account to get started. 

MemberXG Services

Insurance Eligibility

The eligibility screen will show your insurance benefits. It will also inform you on when your eligibility began, how long it is good through, and the individuals covered under your insurance.

Work History

You can review your work history and make sure the hours reported are correct. We recommend comparing your hours to your paystubs. In reviewing your hours, please remember that there is typically a one month lag in reporting. For example, your June hours are reported in July.

Pension Credits

The Pension Credits screen shows how many credits were earned for each plan year. 1,000 hours in one calendar year equals one credit. It takes five credits to be vested. You must be vested in order to receive any type of pension credit.


Demographics lists all people associated with your account. If any information is inaccurate, please contact the Insurance Department. You are able to update your address.

Pension Payments

If you are currently receiving a pension from LDC&C Pension Fund of Ohio, you can view details on your pension payments. This includes the issue date, gross amount, taxes, and check number.

Short Term Disability Payments

This page allows you to review your Short Term Disability payments. If you have never received Short Term Disability benefits, this screen will not contain any information.

Document Center

The Document Center allows Members to complete online forms and upload documents. You can review documents some documents from the Benefits Office.

If you have questions about MemberXG, please contact Ohio Laborers Benefits at 800-236-6437 or email support@ohiolaborers.com.    

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