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EPIC Hearing - Hearing Aid Benefit

EPIC Hearing  is the new administrator of the Ohio Laborers hearing aid benefit. Treating hearing loss may help you rediscover parts of your life that may have felt missing. EPIC Hearing Healthcare (EPIC) offers affordable hearing aids and hearing care to eligible members and dependents. Whether you’re just beginning to notice a hearing loss or have been wearing hearing aids for years, EPIC can meet you where you are in your journey to better hearing.

Start your journey to better hearing:

Treat hearing loss and protect your hearing health. Contact EPIC to schedule an initial hearing exam and consultation. Be sure to have your plan name ready – Ohio Laborers Insurance Fund. Your provider will help you find the perfect solution.  Plus, they’ll be able to answer any questions you have. Visit EPICHearing.com to learn more about your hearing health benefit.

Member Benefits

  • Free annual hearing screening
  • Unlimited visits during the first year of hearing aid purchase (adjustments, cleaning, and programming)
  • $1,449 per ear every 36 months towards hearing aids
  • You have 60 days to try out hearing aids purchased from a provider
  • Your plan includes a 3-year extended warranty for repairs and a one-time loss or damage replacement (one-time professional fee may apply)
  • Schedule up to 3 follow-up visits at no cost, with additional support available
  • Receive a no-cost annual hearing exam

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