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Annuity Fund

The Ohio Laborers Annuity Fund is a retirement benefits program established in May 2023 specifically for Ohio Laborers. The plan allows for individual accounts to be created for each participant, which are funded through contributions from employers. Participants have the unique opportunity to manage their investment accounts by selecting from a variety of available mutual fund investment options.


Empower administers the individual accounts. You can contact Empower via phone, mail, online, and mobile apps. Upon initial receipt of contributions, members will receive information directly from Empower.

Empower provides online services, such as the ability to manage your account, check your account balances and performance, research investment options, and make changes to how your account balance and future contributions are invested. Additionally, the platform includes helpful tools that enable you to customize your investment mix according to your specific investment goals. 

To register on the Empower website, simply click Register/Login and choose “I do not have a PIN.” Follow the prompts to create a username and password. All inquiries should be directed to Empower. If you encounter any issues or require further assistance, you can call Empower at 1-833-569-2433 for prompt and efficient support.

Frequently Asked Questions

No.  This is a collectively bargained employer contribution agreed upon by the Laborers’ District Council of Ohio  and the Ohio Contractors Association. It is referenced in the Heavy Highway Agreement effective May 1, 2022.  

Participants are eligible to receive the balance of their Annuity upon retirement from the Union, becoming permanently disabled from laboring, or leaving covered employment for at least 12 consecutive months.  A participant’s named beneficiary(ies) are also eligible for distribution upon the participant’s death.  Some distributions may be subject to early withdrawal tax penalties. 

There are no plan provisions for hardship withdrawals or loans.

As long as the contractor is under a participating agreement, contributions will go towards the annuity.

When you leave covered employment (with no contributions) for at least twelve consecutive months it is considered termination. If the account value is less than $1,000, the account will be distributed automatically. If the value is over $1,000, you are able to withdraw all or a portion of your annuity balance, but you must request the distribution.  Otherwise, the account balance will stay in the portfolio and continue to be invested. Termination distributions may be subject to early retirement tax penalties.

Beneficiaries will be managed by Empower. Members can update their beneficiaries with Empower via phone, web, or mobile app. They cannot be updated by contacting Ohio Laborers Benefits.

A member is vested upon receipt of one hour of contribution.

Contractors under the following agreements: 

  • Ohio Highway Heavy Municipal – Utility State Construction Agreement
  • Ohio Statewide Three Trade Solar Agreement
  • Laborers Local 245 Building Agreement
  • Laborers Local 83 Building Agreement

Yes, participants will have the ability to invest their funds in a number of mutual funds and active managers.  When first received, contributions will automatically be invested in a “Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA),” more commonly referred to as a Target Date Fund.  The participant’s annuity balance and any future contributions will remain in the QDIA until/unless the Participant chooses to invest in one of the other available investment options. 

A participant’s benefit is paid as a lump sum which represents the total value of all the accounts within the participant’s portfolio. Funds can be rolled over into another qualified account. Contact Empower for more information.

Within approximately 1 month after your first Annuity Contribution is received, you will receive information in the mail separately from the Benefits Office and Empower.  The mailing from the Benefits Office will provide you with a Summary Plan Description (SPD) of the Plan, and the mailing from Empower will provide you with instructions on how to create your online account for your annuity.

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