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Disability Medicare

If you or one of your covered dependents are currently or soon to be eligible for Disability Medicare, it is important that you inform the Benefits Office. Typically, when you begin receiving Social Security Disability Income, you become entitled to Medicare in the 25th month after your first check. Please send the Benefits Office a copy of your Medicare card or the letter from the Social Security Administration confirming your effective dates for Part A and Part B (if applicable). These may also be faxed to the Insurance Fund at 614-898-9176 or emailed to in*******@oh**********.com.

Important: Per our plan rules, if you are a retiree and you or your covered dependent has no other primary insurance coverage, you are required to elect Medicare Part B (medical) to enroll you or your covered dependent in our Anthem Preferred Medicare (PPO). Please refer to the Insurance Summary Plan Description for further explanation.

Note: If you are an active laborer, you or your covered dependent may not be required to enroll in Medicare Part B.

If you have questions regarding your Medicare coverage, please contact Medicare at 800-MEDICARE, 800- 633-4227. For questions regarding the Plan rules as to whether or not you need to enroll in Part B, please contact the Benefits Office at 800-236-6437.

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