Thrive Peer Support

Eligible members and dependents may receive support for substance use or mental health needs. A certified Peer Recovery Supporter (PRS) is just a phone call away. A PRS can connect with you within 24 hours and provide a referral to treatment services, help with finding resources, or just connect with someone who can offer guidance through a tough situation.

Dedicated Anthem Intake Line:  888-477-0411

What is Peer Support? 

Peer support is a voluntary recovery service for self-identifying individuals struggling with mental illness and/or substance use that:

  • Connects them with a certified Peer Recovery Supporter who not only understands what they are going through, but has personally succeeded in long-term recovery and can help guide them along their journey.
  • Gives a person the unique opportunity to have someone walk alongside them who knows first-hand what the recovery process entails and embraces all pathways to recovery.
  • Utilizes the shared experience to promote recovery, self-determination, self-advocacy, well-being and independence. 
  • Offers convenient virtual support over the phone or video conferencing, so the person in need can connect from anywhere. 

How do I access my Peer Recovery benefit?

Accessing your Thrive Peer Recovery Support service is easy. You can submit a self-referral form by clicking here, or the Anthem Members Self Referral Form below. You can also call the Thrive referral line at (888) 477-0411 to be connected with an Anthem intake specialist. Once you are matched with a certified Peer Recovery Supporter, you can create your own schedule and personalized goals with them. If you need ongoing care with your PRS, Thrive’s clinical team can assist with your assessment and further treatment goals.

Any questions regarding Anthem and Thrive’s peer recovery services can be sent to or call 888-477-0411.

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