Proof of Existence

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Proof of Existence forms (POEs), which are typically mailed in June, were postponed to August. Pensioners should have received their POE.. If you haven’t received your form, please contact the Pension Department or complete a blank POE. POEs are also available through your MemberXG account. 

This year there are a few changes to the requirements to help protect your health and safety. Pensioners will not be required to have this year’s POE notarized or witnessed by an authorized Local Union representative. This exception will not apply for future POEs. The completed certification must be received at the Benefits Office by October 5, 2020, or your pension benefit will be suspended prior to receiving your November 2020 benefit and will remain suspended until a properly completed form is received. 

Reminder: Those having their monthly insurance premium automatically deducted from their pension benefit will receive a bill to make payment for their premium if their pension benefit is suspended.

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