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Laborers Local 265 Pension Plan

Work After Retirement

If you start receiving your pension benefits through the Laborers Local 265 Pension Plan and you return to work in Disqualifying Employment, you will have your monthly pension suspended for every month you work. The rules for suspension are slightly different depending on when you retire.

Early Retirement (Before Normal Retirement)

Members who retire before their Normal Retirement Date and who work in Disqualifying Employment will have their benefits suspended for every month they were so employed in that Plan Year and for two additional months following termination of re-employment. Pension benefits will be adjusted at the end of the Plan Year in which re-employment was terminated to included the adjusted age of the Participants and any additional benefits earned. 

After Normal Retirement Age

After reaching Normal Retirement Age, members cannot work in Disqualifying Employment at all for 60 days. After that service break, members cannot work in Disqualifying Employment more than 40 hours per month. This will result in their benefits being suspended for every month for which they are employed. 

**Disqualifying Employment consists of work in Labor whether union or non-union.**

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