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Mandatory 90-Day Scripts for Maintenance Medications

OLDC-OCA Insurance Fund members are required to fill maintenance medications through Anthem-CarelonRx (formerly IngenioRx) or your local CVS. This does not apply to members and dependents on our Medicare Advantage Plan. 

Prescription medications that you take regularly for chronic, ongoing conditions are considered maintenance medications. You may fill a one-month supply of a maintenance medication up to three times (the original prescription plus two refills) at a network retail pharmacy. After that, you will be required to fill your prescriptions through mail order.

All future refills of maintenance medication will require a 90-day prescription. This will need to be filled through CarelonRx or your local CVS. One-month supplies of maintenance medication will be rejected at retail pharmacies after the first three fills.

Have your physician e-prescribe, call, or fax your next 90-day prescription.

CarelonRx Home Delivery:

  • Phone: 844-993-4314
  • Fax: 800-378-0323

Prescriptions for controlled substances will not transfer. If you’ve filled a medication that’s considered a controlled substance, and you still need this medication, have your doctor send a new prescription.

To start filling your home delivery prescriptions through CarelonRx home delivery, you can log in to your Anthem account and select My Plans and then choose Pharmacy or call home delivery at 844-993-4314. Please have your prescription information ready when placing your order. The home delivery pharmacy will ask you for payment information when you order online or call to place an order. Make sure you have a sufficient supply of your medication before you place your first order for a 90-day supply through home delivery. First orders can take up to 2 weeks to arrive.

CVS Retail Pharmacy

Scripts can be transferred from CarelonRx to your local CVS Pharmacy. Members with non-specialty scripts who want to use a CVS retail pharmacy to fill 90-day scripts instead of using CarelonRx mail order can request their script(s) be transferred.  You can call the home delivery pharmacy at 844-993-4314 to make this request and inform them of your preferred CVS location.

Manufacturing Coupons

CarelonRx home delivery pharmacy does not accept manufacturing coupons.  You will need to fill any medications with coupons at your local CVS to continue receiving the benefit/cost savings.  In addition, you will need to look online at each manufacturer’s website for each medication (if you have multiple coupons that you use) to apply for the coupons (or) you can talk to your local CVS pharmacist to see if they can assist you.

Coordination Of Benefits

CarelonRx home delivery pharmacy does not coordinate pharmacy benefits with any other plan.  Therefore, if you have any other insurance plan (commercial or Medicaid) that you use when filling your scripts and you want to continue using both plans, you will need to have your 90-day scripts filled at your local CVS, where coordination of benefits can be completed.  Hence, allowing you to use both plans and continue saving money. 

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