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HearUSA - Hearing Care Program

HearUSA administers the Ohio Laborers hearing aid benefit. This is a network of qualified hearing care providers committed to delivering the highest quality of services at discounted prices. Their providers offer a basic annual audiologic assessment, including air conduction testing, bone conduction testing, and word recognition measures at a substantial discount. Members receive a full explanation of the finds of these hearing tests. Additionally, your HearUSA provider will assist you in recognizing factors which may damage your hearing and will provide helpful solutions.

How Do you obtain Hearing Care benefits under this Fund?

OLDC-OCA Insurance Fund participants and their dependents are eligible for hearing care benefits through HearUSA.

  • Call 1-800-442-8231 to schedule an appointment and identify yourself as a member of the Ohio Laborers Insurance Fund. 
  • HearUSA will confirm your eligibility with Ohio Laborers.
  • HearUSA sends you an appointment confirmation.
  • For in-network claims, the Fund pays benefit amounts directly to your network provider. You pay the provider the balance of discounted allowable charges above the benefit amounts. HearUSA reviews all in-network claims to ensure that costs do not exceed allowable charges. Allowable charges vary according to the hearing aid technology recommended.

Member Benefits

  • Free annual hearing screening
  • Unlimited visits during the first year of hearing aid purchase (adjustments, cleaning, and programming)
  • $1,200 per ear every 36 months towards hearing aids
  • 3-year warranty including loss and damage on all hearing aids
  • 2-year supply of hearing aid batteries with purchase
  • 0% interest financing available for any hearing aid costs above the $1,200 limit
  • 10% discount from HearingShop.com using code EARUSA at checkout
The benefit information provided is a brief summary, not a complete description of benefits. For more information, please contact Ohio Laborers Benefits Insurance Department at 1-800-236-6437.
Senior with hearing aid

For additional information and to receive a member handbook, call 1-800-442-8231.

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