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For anyone retiring in 2019, please contact the Benefits Office at 800-236-6437 for rate information. 

2020 Retire Insurance Rates:

Member Only (not on Medicare)$716
Member Only (on Medicare)$379
Family Coverage (all primary)$1,466
Family Coverage (one secondary/Medicare)$1,095
Family Coverage (all secondary/Medicare)$785

Once your monthly unsubsidized Self-Pay Rate is determined, your subsidy percentage (discount amount) is calculated based on the number of Pension Credits you have earned with the LDC&C Pension Fund of Ohio (or certain other eligible pension funds). Your monthly Self-Pay rate is reduced 2% for each Pension Credit you have earned. If your total number of credits is not a whole number, your credits will be rounded to the nearest whole year (.5 and over is rounded up and under .5 is rounded down).

Retiree Insurance Subsidy Examples

Example 1: 

Sam has 27 pension credits, and he and his wife are both under age 65 and not on Medicare. Without the subsidy, Sam would have to pay $1,466 a month for coverage for himself and his wife. However, Sam gets a subsidy of 54% for his credits (27 credits x 2%). Therefore, Sam only pays $674.36.  

$1,466 x 54% = $791.64

$1,466-791.64 = $674.36

Example 2:

Jim retired with 28 pension credits at age 65. Jim is on Medicare, but his wife (age 63) is not on Medicare yet. Without the subsidy, Jim would have to pay $1,095 a month for coverage for himself and his wife. With the 56% subsidy (28 credits x 2% = 56%), Jim only pays $481.80. 

$1,095 x 56% = $613.20

$1,095 – 613.20 = $481.80

The Laborers’ District Council and Contractors’ Pension Fund of Ohio (the Plan) amended its legal plan documents on October 17, 2017. This Summary of Material Modifications outlines the changes that were made to the Plan.

2018 Pension Sustainability Amendment

The following Plan provisions have changed for “new participants.” For the purpose of the 2018 Pension Sustainability Amendment only, “new participants” are defined as Participants who have not been credited with a minimum of one-quarter of a Pension Credit as of January 1, 2018, or whose Pension Credits earned prior to January 1, 2018 are subsequently forfeited under the Plan’s Break in Service provisions.

  • Regular Retirement Age is 62 for new participants
  • Early Retirement is 58 for new participants
  • Special Service Retirement Age is 58 for new participants
  • To be eligible for Disability Pension Benefits, the disability  must have occurred prior to age 58 for new participants.
  • New participants are not eligible for Coordination of Benefits with Social Security (Social Security Leveling).
  • Working after retirement (Suspension of Benefits) rules have been modified. Disqualifying Employment for new participants means employment or self-employment in which a Participant works (A) 40 or more hours in a calendar month; and (B) in an industry in which employees covered by the Pension Plan were employed and accrued benefits under the Pension Plan as a result of such employment at the time that the payment of benefits commenced or would have commenced if the employee had not remained in or returned to employment; and (C) in a trade or craft in which the employee was employed at any time under the Pension Plan or any other trade or craft covered by the Pension Plan; and (D) in the geographic area covered by the Pension Plan at the time the payment of benefits commenced or would have commenced if the employee had not remained in or returned to employment. The foregoing definition of disqualifying employment includes employment or self-employment with any entity or person, and is not limited to unionized employers or Employers. Any employee who supervises employees who perform disqualifying employment works in disqualifying employment.