Attention Humana Members

You Can Now See A Doctor Without Leaving Your Home

Connect with a doctor within minutes. Get care for minor illnesses like a cold, sinus infections, allergies, and other non-emergency medical conditions-without having to leave your couch. This service is FREE to our Humana Members.

Three Ways You Can Talk With A Doctor

  • 1-888-673-1992 (TTY:711)
  • Download the MDLIVE mobile app from the App Store or Google Play (Internet access required. Data fees may apply.)

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a virtual doctor’s appointment for non-emergency medical conditions such as bronchitis, sinus infections, and rashes. Telemedicine should not replace your primary care provider, but can be used in non-emergency situations when your primary care provider’s office is not available or convenient. 

Who are the Doctors?

Humana teamed up with MDLIVE, a group of in-network doctors, to provide non-emergency medical care. On average, MDLIVE doctors have 15 years of experience practicing medicine and are all U.S. based and U.S board-certified. MDLIVE doctors are committed to providing convenient, quality care and are always ready to visit with you.