Mandatory Mail Order

OLDC-OCA Insurance Fund members are required to fill maintenance medications through EnvisionPharmacies. This does not apply to members and dependents on our Medicare Advantage Plan. 

Prescription medications that you take regularly for chronic, ongoing conditions are considered maintenance medications. You may fill a one-month supply of a maintenance medication up to three times (the original prescription plus two refills) at a network retail pharmacy. After that, you will be required to fill your prescriptions through mail order. 

All future refills of maintenance medication will require a 90-day prescription. This will need to be filled through EnvisionPharmacies. One-month supplies of maintenance medication will be rejected at retail pharmacies after the first three fills.

It is important to keep up with your medication schedule. EnvisionRX will send out reminders when you are nearing your last refill before needing to start the mail order process. You may want to speak with your doctor to ensure EnvisionPharmacies receives a new 90-day prescription prior to the third fill at a retail pharmacy. 

Have your physician e-prescribe, call, or fax your next 90-day prescription. 


  • 833-652-2799 (phone) 
  • 866-909-5171 (fax)

To obtain your mail order prescriptions from EnvisionPharmacies, you will need to set up an account before ordering. To create an account, you can complete an enrollment form from EnvisionMail or register online at


Manage your prescriptions in a few easy steps. 

  • Go to
    • Adult dependents will need to create their own account and can grant cardholders access to their account information
  • Select EnvisionMail
  • Click Enroll Now
  • Create your Member Profile

Once registered you can:

  • Select your shipping preferences
  • Change your personal information
  • Order and track refills in your account
  • View your order history