COVID-19 (Coronavirus) FAQs

Hours & Operations

We are open; however, we will not be accepting visitors at our Westerville office until further notice. If there is documentation or other information you would like us to receive, please send it through the U.S. Post Office or via fax. Also, our online member portal, MemberXG, has the capability to receive documents electronically. You can use MemberXG to review your insurance eligibility and pension payments. For more information on MemberXG, check out About MemberXG.


Some employees will be working from home. However, they will still be able to answer phone calls and complete work just as if they were working in the office. Our office hours are the same, Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Once this crisis is over, we intend to work from the office as we always have.


We have concerns at the Benefits Office about how the Coronavirus will play out and its impact on our hard-working members. At this time, however, no remedial actions are in place. As this pandemic progresses, and we start to realize the impact on a larger scale, the need for corrective actions may need to be explored.


With the way insurance eligibility calculations work for Ohio Laborers, March 2020 hours don’t have any effect on insurance eligibility until May 2020. So, despite the obvious reason to feel alarmed at this time, we do have a narrow window to digest the information and determine how to best proceed as this unprecedented event unfolds.


Members can track their insurance eligibility through their MemberXG account.

Ohio Laborers Benefits has many resources available for Laborers and their dependents that may be extra helpful during this unusual time.

  • LiveHealth Online - Eligible individuals can visit with a doctor for free on their cellphone or tablet 24/7. This tool is more valuable now in this time of social distancing than ever before. Individuals can download the app and start taking advantage of this awesome tool. To learn more about LiveHealth, visit:
  • Sydney Health - Anthem's mobile app now includes triage for COVID-19 symptoms and the ability to escalate the patient for the next step under the CDC treatment guidelines.
  • 24/7 Nurse Line – Anthem provides a dedicated line for members with health questions and concerns. Interested parties should call 888-249-3820 to speak directly to a nurse.
Visit Anthem's COVID-19 blog for the latest COVID-19 information

All in-network medical claims associated with the treatment of and testing for COVID-19 for eligible Laborers and dependents will be covered at 100% through at least 12/31/2020. This includes those eligible through the Fund’s Anthem Medicare plan. This date is subject to be extended with this fluid situation.

Visit EnvisionRx's COVID-19 website to keep up with the procedural changes EnvisionRx is making to keep up with the rapidly changing environment related to COVID-19.

Due to the increased usage of services such as LiveHealth Online and Grand Rounds, you may experience longer wait times to visit with a doctor or speak with a specialist. 


EnvisionRX is also experiencing an increase in call volume at all call centers. Due to this increase, they are using a callback feature. This software will automatically hold your place in the queue and call you back when there is an available representative. 


No immediate impact will be felt in monthly pension benefits. While the Pension Fund’s financial stability is connected closely to financial markets, the investments are well diversified and structured in a way to withstand market cycles such as this one.  In addition, in 2019, the investment committee approved new "risk-mitigating strategies" that should help cushion the fall a bit.  But there will still be a fall - market results such as we've seen in the past couple of weeks will inevitably have an impact on the Fund's investments.  The Fund still has plenty of liquidity, so there is no danger of us not being able to pay monthly pension checks for the foreseeable future. 

Absolutely! While the Benefits Counselor will not be traveling to Locals for retirement sessions, she will conduct counseling sessions via phone or through a video chat with FaceTime or Skype. The best way to schedule a phone or video chat session with the Benefits Counselor is to contact the Pension Department.

Prior to having a phone or video counseling session, members will need to submit a pension application via mail or through MemberXG.  If members have any questions regarding the pension application, you can reach out to the Pension Department.

The primary responsibility of the Pension Department is to get the monthly pension checks out to retirees and beneficiaries. This will not be affected by the Coronavirus outbreak. We will continue mailing pension payments and direct deposit vouchers on the last business day of every month. Pensioners can expect to receive their pension benefit on the first business day of the month. Please note: Certain banks hold the deposit for 24 hours before releasing payment.


We do recommend opting for a direct deposit over receiving a physical check. This way you can ensure you get your money in a timely manner, without worrying about having to leave or any post office delays. You can set up your direct deposit by completing the Direct Deposit Authorization Form and returning it to the Benefits Office via mail, email, fax or uploading it through your MemberXG account. 


You may experience slight delays on certain other requests outside of pension benefit payments. We are sorry for this inconvenience, and we thank you for your patience as we work through these pandemic restrictions. The best way to get your request processed as efficiently and effectively as possible is to upload/submit your documents through your MemberXG account. 

Contractor Relations

Out of office travel by our employees has been canceled. That means our payroll auditors will not be auditing contractors at their locations. The assigned auditor will contact any relevant contractor to arrange for audit records to be forwarded via email or through a secure online portal to complete the audit processes.

Contribution Reports can be still be mailed to the Benefits Office or uploaded through EmployerXG, our employer portal. If your business has yet to set up an account on EmployerXG, this may be an ideal time to consider this reporting option.  Please contact the Contractor Relations Department to get your account set up.